Money matters

Take charge of your money to achieve your dreams

Dreams can become reality when you set goals with a Financial Plan.

Don’t forget that the best GOAL you can make right now is to invest in yourself.

  • There is a strong relationship between the level of education you reach and the income you'll earn.
  • Of course, some people are especially talented outside of education, but on average, the more years of education you have, the more money you'll be likely to earn.
  • An investment in a college education or specialized training will require time, money, and tradeoffs, but will add up to greater income over your lifetime.

Setting goals will motivate you to start managing your money

You can influence your own level of motivation and self-control.
Start by thinking about what influences your money decision making:
  • What’s important to you? What are your values?
  • How are you currently managing your finances?
  • Is your money behavior a problem?
  • Have you begun looking at the benefits and drawbacks of your continued behavior?
  • Do you want to take positive steps to modify your behavior and make better choices?
  • Setting Goals will set you on the right path.
When setting goals for yourself it's important to make sure they are SMART:
  • Goals should be SPECIFIC .
  • Goals should be MEASURABLE .
  • Goals should be ATTAINABLE .
  • Goals should be RESULTS-DRIVEN .
  • Goals should be TIME-DRIVEN .
You will likely have more than one goal at a time, and these can vary greatly.
Some of your goals may be SHORT-TERM . You may simultaneously set LONG-TERM goals.
  • Prioritizing your goals means that you decide what is most important to you right now.
  • All your goals are important, but it's impossible to work on all of them at once.
Aim high but don't beat yourself up:
  • Setting goals that are achievable and realistic will involve some struggle and things may not turn out as you wish.
  • The very process of setting and working toward your goals will help you grow as a person. If you stop setting goals or give up, this will not happen.
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How can we help you?

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